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IT Support & Service

Our Expert team is always ready to support clients. Our company providing all kind of technical support to our clients. Our company also provides maintenance service along support and repairing. Our Experts help our clients run their business in full and our company offers full support for the back office. Our company also provides voice support service to our client. Our Experts also provide instructions to the clients with proper advice and caution. So that he can move forward his business without any interruption.


We offers a wide array of application consulting services to augment your enterprise and enable you to derive maximum business value from your technology investments. Our experienced team of industry experts understand your business complexities and provide effective, tailor-made solutions which simplify implementations and optimize productivity.

System Integration

We utilize system integration strategies to analyze your current business environment that identify inconsistencies and incompatibilities of disparate systems, and formulate strategies to integrate and migrate mission critical software into a converged infrastructure.

Inventory Control

We are a leader in providing inventory services focused on client needs, tailored processes, and customer service.Advanced Inventory Solutions, Inc. provides regional retailers with customized inventory services. Our partners have access to industry-leading solutions through dedicated auditors, advanced technology, and efficient processes.

Billing System

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Back Office Support

Though the back office processes don’t maintain a direct contact with the customer, they still have a great impact on the overall functioning of an enterprise. If a company doesn’t take these processes seriously, the growth of the company will be hampered. You can enhance your revenue and overall business functions by outsourcing back office processes to a trusted company.

Maintenance Services

It’s essential that IT solutions are robust to minimise downtime. However, keeping on top of IT maintenance contracts for multi-vendor devices can be a headache - and logging support calls with vendors can be time-consuming.When your systems are down, having a single point of contact who proactively keeps you up to date with progress and resolves issues quickly is invaluable.We offer a mature multi-vendor supplier programme with a range of support levels, taking the pressure away from you.